Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seaweed "Kid Candy"

Back in 1994, I was an extra in a video for a band called Seaweed. We shot this video in one day at the Seattle Funplex. It was for a song called Kid Candy. This video ended up airing on an episode of Beavis and Butthead. You can see me in some quick cuts playing video games next to "the star" of the video. I became tight bros with these guys, especially Bob the drummer, after shooting this video. I never missed a Seaweed show after that.
Later that night my friend took me to see a show: Chokebore, The Butthole Surfers and Nirvana. Who knew that would be Kurt Cobain's last show ever.
I still think that being in the video was way better.....



  1. I completely missed out on Seaweed in the '90s. Perhaps I was too busy rocking Sugar, Dino Jr. and Overwhelming Colorfast. Too bad, 'cause this song and video are awesome. Like hundreds of other bands, they're on my list! Oh, what did Beavis and Butthead think of it?

  2. I can't remember anything from that far back... I can barely remember last week! That was back in the mid 90's when I did a lot of drugs. Brain cells have been damaged....

  3. You haven't gone completely insane in the membrane...