Friday, August 20, 2010

New records to be gotten....

So today I got even more new vinyl... yeah! I did a trade with my friend Todd for an Earth record for the following:

Superchunk - No Pocky For Kitty
Superchunk - On The Mouth

And then I got myself:

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk

Lots of good stuff to listen to. And no time to ever get a chance to. The only time I get to is if it has a download card and I can put it on my iPod and listen on my way on one of my many trips. Sometimes I get a chance to at the record store but since the turntable are up on this big loft, I have to climb up and it's kind of a pain. I get laughed at when I get down since I have to sit and hop down. Ah, the life of being five foot two....

Playing guitar tonight was irritating. I couldn't quite get the sound that I wanted. Do I need a different pedal? Do I need to switch amps? Do I need to use a different guitar? It's frustrating when being self-taught and you know something isn't quite right but yet you can't say "hey, this is what I need to make this sound like this".

Oh yeah.... I started up a new side band/project. A two piece garage-y, blues-y, sludge-y noisey thing. We're calling ourselves G.A.A.G. Why? Cause our initials are GA and AG. Simple enough. Now I have to come up with some tunes, which I did chime out two tonight. But I am THE WORST at writing lyrics. And now I have to learn this whole singing while playing guitar thing. This ought to be interesting.

And I've started looking into pressing plants for making a 7". Got a nice little list of ones to check out. I've begun my little project. One that I intend to finish. I think we plan on recording literally in a garage on a boombox. Vocals on a track through a Big Muff pedal. Anyone interested in putting this out? You know it will be magical....



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  1. The first G.A.A.G. album should be called Me With A Spoon.