Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers - OFWGKTA

This is Tyler, The Creator from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA. These guys are all under the age of 23 and there are about 9 of them in this group. There are the new "it" group right now. All of them have some pretty great stuff when you really sit down and listen to what they say. Plus they use John Carpenter samples.... that rules!!!! Golf Wang!

Oblivians - Gonerfest 7, Live From Memphis

This was the first song that The Oblivians played at this past year's Gonerfest... There's my boyfriend Jack playing drums. He's dreamy.... ha!

Jack Oblivian is my new boyfriend....

Well not really but this year I have pledged to stalk him. Why? Cause I really have nothing else better to do with my time Well, actually I do with working 3 jobs and trying to write for a zine, trying to write for this blog, taking care of a houseful of pets.... I do have alot on my plate. But it's nice to dream and to have something to keep you occupied. Plus if there is no football.... then what the hell am I going to do?

New albums.... as usual I have bought so many that I can't really keep up with what I have new. I did Dj a wedding a couple of weeks ago and was complimented by Irvine Welsh (writer of Trainspotting). He was totally into what I played.... so I guess that I pretty awesome. Didn't even know that it was him.

Best new favorite movie: Black Swan. Psychotic girls in tutus.... what could be better? Maybe if they had AKs but hey... this movie is still awesome! Natalie twitching out. Mila being a nice girl. Vincent a ballet instructor? And our lovely Winona being a total primadonna bitch. You have to give this a try. I think I watch it about twice a day now.

Well.... here's to hoping I get to write more! And OFWGKTA are awesome!!!