Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jack Oblivian is my new boyfriend....

Well not really but this year I have pledged to stalk him. Why? Cause I really have nothing else better to do with my time Well, actually I do with working 3 jobs and trying to write for a zine, trying to write for this blog, taking care of a houseful of pets.... I do have alot on my plate. But it's nice to dream and to have something to keep you occupied. Plus if there is no football.... then what the hell am I going to do?

New albums.... as usual I have bought so many that I can't really keep up with what I have new. I did Dj a wedding a couple of weeks ago and was complimented by Irvine Welsh (writer of Trainspotting). He was totally into what I played.... so I guess that I pretty awesome. Didn't even know that it was him.

Best new favorite movie: Black Swan. Psychotic girls in tutus.... what could be better? Maybe if they had AKs but hey... this movie is still awesome! Natalie twitching out. Mila being a nice girl. Vincent a ballet instructor? And our lovely Winona being a total primadonna bitch. You have to give this a try. I think I watch it about twice a day now.

Well.... here's to hoping I get to write more! And OFWGKTA are awesome!!!


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  1. I'll probably see "Black Swan," if only for the lesbianism. That's why "The Kids Are Alright" is on its way to me.

    "Trying to write for a zine"? Which one? I'd like to read your stuff.