Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Bomb Turks @ Columbus Parking Lot Blow-Out

At this point in the day I had been standing outside sweating to death for about 3+ hours. ALways during Defiled Eric has people sit on the ground. The hell I am.... I'm in a skirt. So I opt to sit on the stage which no one has a problem with. I already had hit Matt with his own mic, had a dollar stuff down my bra by Eric and had been lifted off the ground by the buckle on the back on my skirt (That decoration came in handy after all). After all of this I still had the Gibson Bros. to sit through and later in the night.... The Oblivians. Columbus proved to be a long and good-times kind of day.....


  1. Angie is always in the trenches! How bad was your sunburn?

  2. I didn't sunburn... I got drunkburn....