Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puppies at work.

Is there anything better than having a puppy at work? I think not. Albo brought in his new 13 week old brown Boston Terrier to work today. Coco is the cutest thing ever! Girls cannot resist puppies! Hopefully I can post a picture of him on here. He only peed on the floor twice. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I flattened my Tyrone Davis album today at work... first pressing (thank you Kevin). Got some new vinyl today as well:

The Challengers - Go Sidewalk Surfing!
The Rhythm Rockers - Soul Surfin'
Jerry Cole and His Spacemen - Hot Rod Dance Party

All on Sundazed... all limited to 1,000 copies. Couldn't help myself! I'm such a sucker for records. It's why I need a bigger home.

Been reading up on Podcasting so I can do my first Dirty Sheets Podcast. I have all the tools. I just need to get a couple of things down and then I'll be ready to go. I'll need to figure out a way to get more of my vinyl into iTunes. That is a huge pain! I might just have to get another turntable to assist in my mission. A fifth turntable. I'll need another equipment rack.....

Back to watching my Colts vs. Bills game. Painter wants to make me cry.


  1. Thank goodness for hardwood floors! You must get a rush outta flattening records! Got any songs picked out for the initial 'cast?

  2. I have a world of songs for a Podcast.... what kind of question is that? :)