Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the beginning......

So here it is... first blog posting. This is all a result of writing for Dirty Sheets which you will also find on here. I decided to start another blog with other ramblings to go along with the Dirty Sheets blog. Add pictures, tell maybe other stories about life... fun stuff ya know. I'm way new to this so we will see how long it will take until I get adjusted.
A few things about me.... I work at a music distro/audiophile supply heaven to those who worship the gear of the audiophile gods. And I also volunteer at a record store. In other words..... I work for records. It's a good fit for me. How many records do I own? Well, I need to get a bigger place in order to house them all.
I love football as much as I love rock-n-roll. It's not very likely combination but we all have our little things in life that we love... mine happens to be the Colts and the Steelers.
So hopefully this will get things started. Funny stories, funny pictures, podcasts with great music... I'll try to do it all.



  1. Angie's branching out! A good start, so far! Love that Nerves tune! Def Lep covered it, but their treatment was based on the Blondie version. Jack Lee and the boys oughta get back together and cut a take of "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

  2. Paul Collins from The Nerves has a new solo album coming out in the next few weeks called The King Of Pop!

  3. A "nervy" title! Up there with Best Of The Beatles, for certain.