Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Heart Mono!

No, not the disease... although I did have it twice at a very early age.... I'm talkin' about mono recordings. I may have the record already but heck, if I can get it on mono too, then I'm gonna snatch it up as well!

Havin' a second volunteer job at a record store I must say is good times. The guy I work for is awesome! I couldn't ask for a nicer guy to hang out with and talk records with. He isn't narrow-minded with his tastes in tunes and we go on and on all day on blues albums and 45s and KISS. I know why he calls me High Fidelity.....

So my goodies for today:

The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons (Mono)
Smiley Lewis - Down Yonder (Mono)
Lightnin' Hopkins - Talkin' Some Sense
Etta James - Her Greatest Sides Volume One
The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads (Mono)
The Rolling Stones - Now! (Mono)
Andy Mack - Later Than You Think/Do You Wanta Go

Now I've been known not to care for females when it comes to my rock.... but with my blues, that is a whole 'nother story. Seriously, is there anyone better than Etta James? Yeah, we all know At Last after hearing Beyonce sing it over and over when Obama got inducted into office but Etta had some serious other jams..... Trust In Me, I'd Rather Go Blind, All I Could Do Was Cry. She could kill it and still can. I must say.... #1 on the bucket list in my life is to see Etta James sing before we both go.

I can't wait to order my new USB turntable to get my vinyl into my computer faster than the way I can do it now. The way I do it now takes quite some time. With this new turntable, it will be instant and automatically mark in-between tracks for me. As soon as that comes in.... I'll be on my way to getting podcasts started! Shall I do theme casts? I'm liking that idea so far.

Off to watch my Steelers.... hopefully they will. I think Roethlisberger is playing tonight. Let's see how the crowd treats him.... or if the ladies run from him.....


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  1. Have you refused to sell someone a record in the store a la "High Fidelity"?