Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello AmRep my old friend....

So I have finally made it back alive and in one piece from AmRep's 25th Anniversary Bash. I managed to keep my wallet safe and only dropped $40 on the new Dope Guns and Fucking In The Streets double 7". Limited to 200 copies mind you, one 7" white and the other black. Funny thing is, both of mine are white. Super score! And a God Bullies and Boss Hog shirt. You can never find AmRep shirts anywhere. The show was amazing! Got to see old friends from all over and friends that were moving away... that was sad. Met new people and kicked it Angie-style up front. In fact... I made the front picture of Brooklyn Vegan with Mike Hard. Well... at least a certain part of me did..... Gay Witch Abortion is my new fave band that they have signed and the guitar player in White Drugs was just about the cutest thing.... his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly when he played guitar. LOVED IT! Christina from Boss Hog kept her clothes on which I'm sure disappointed many a fellow there and Jon Spencer is still (Blues Explosion) #1! P.S. Melvins suck it now as King Buzzo and Big Business. Go back to Houdini... it's where you belong.

New Records:
The Necessary Evils - Spider Hands
Oblivians - Six Of The Best
Slim Harpo - The Best of Slim Harpo
The Watts 103rd Street Band - In The Jungle Baby
V/A - Battle Of The Garages
Love - Revisited

And also my pic that was on Brooklyn Vegan. Aren't we cute? Just think that I have known that man since I was 8 years old. We look good for our age.



  1. I've got that first Battle Of The Garages comp, too. Lotsa good stuff on there.