Saturday, September 11, 2010

7 inch records my dear Watson

So I opted for staying in this evening and watching Sherlock Holmes instead of going out tonight for The Mutiny's 20th anniversary party. I'm a lame ass in my old age. But I gotta say I was entertained by the movie. I expected it to completely suck and it didn't. Guy Richie did not disappoint. But it's still not better than Machete....

New 7 inch records that were brought home today:

Syl Johnson - Come On Sock It To Me/Try Me
Jerry Byrne - Lights Out/Honey Baby
Guitar Slim - Trouble Don't Last/Later For You Baby
Howlin' Wolf - Evil's Going On/Baby, How Long?
Little Walter - My Babe/Juke
Howlin' Wolf - 300 Pounds Of Joy/Built For Comfort

And I am excited for my first Sunday for football season! Life has meaning once again! 4 fantasy football leagues this year. I'm ready to tear it up! And some how I managed to score Peyton Manning as my QB in all my leagues.... it's a sign! Colts in the Superbowl!


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  1. Even with the loss to the Texans, the Colts are a solid pick to reach the Super Bowl. I'm in the middle of the pack in the fantasy league. For half-assing it, that's not too shabby. Tom Brady needs a haircut, and Reggie Bush needs a better publicist.