Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

It's been forever since I've written anything. Why might someone ask. Cause I've hauled my life 10 hours south of Chicago to a tiny-ass town in Alabama. Seriously, what would make someone do this? Maybe I was having a big city nervous breakdown... maybe that moving bug that is in me was way over due and ready to head out..... or maybe family talked me into it so I came on down.

Well now I'm here. I'm working at Lowe's again. I'm hauling around lumber and about to turn 36. I'm the oldest and only woman in my department. It's pretty funny actually. I've never seen anyone chew tobacco before. I've never seen anyone just have a pistol out on the dashboard of their car like it was a pack of cigarettes. And I can't understand a single word anyone is saying to me. They say I talk funny? At least I don't sound like Boomhower or however you spell that hick's name.

Back to music.... I can't get any since there isn't a damn place to get any around here at all!!!! Hence why I plan on doing my own thing down here. Hence the reason for the blog. My jumping off point for my record store. A record store in the middle of nowhere? Will it work? Probably not, but all I can do is try. I have some other tricks up my sleeve so I think I might be ok. No selling that crazy incense that these kids are smoking and dying from though.

I need to get some more followers. I swear I had more. They probably left since I stopped writing. My boys inspire me to write. Love them. They are the ones who made me realize that I could.

Last records I got: my package from Polyvinyl went to the house that I was supposed to move into when I came down here but when I pulled into the drive-way there was a crazy meth'd out redneck still living there. Mind you I had my three cats and dog in the car with me. This was the second time I ran into the cops within an hour (I had gotten pulled over for doing 100 m.p.h. on the freeway). Next day crackhead still isn't out, cops can't do anything and the landlord won't do shit. I get my money and go.... what the fuck am I going to do? I've got a 26' Uhaul filled with over 5,000 albums, all my guitars and amps and drumset.... my fish!!! (many of them died) sitting around and no place to go. I did lose it at this point.

Luckily my Aunt Sharon found a guy who rented us a house that day. We moved in all our stuff with the help of about 13 young folk that I hardly knew and they were amazing for it! But we still couldn't live here because of no electricity. At this point the cats have been in their carriers for two days.

Next day, running around this town trying to get water, electricity and sewage turned on so we can move in and again, I have another breakdown because they need my social security card (which is in a lockbox packed) and my passport isn't good enough. Little cousin to the rescue. I'm ready to burn this town down.

Finally get moved in and then I realize something.... I have never lived A) in darkness and B) near woods. I get scared as shit. This city girl has lived in cities her whole life and now I'm living out in the country in the middle of the woods with god knows what around me. I am less scared of gang bangers than I am of the spider that was the size of the one from Lord Of The Rings that was on the back porch. Where was Viggo when I needed him?

Wow... Tangent. So Polyvinyl was super awesome and sent me all my records again since my other package was just gone. I told the lady Sara who works there about what was going on and I think she felt super bad for me. I got my Nation of Ulysses on colored vinyl. I know I also got the new Braid 12" (insert your laughter here) but now I can't remember what else.

My job got my new Dwarves 10" but they mailed it to me. Nice of them. They also got my limited edition blu ray copy of The Big Lebowski and sent that over. Wonder if my Third Man subscription will end up there too? Yes, I subscribe to that bullshit cause I know I can flip it. Boo on me....

What I'm listening to now... when I can listen to something... the new Low album is pretty great. I was never into them much when I was younger and too cool but now I can see why they have been around for so long. Great melodies. SBTRKT is something else as well which who knows why... indie dubstep. I like to try new things. I enjoy hearing different stuff. The reality of it is... I really like to get down.

Longest. Post. Ever. Let's see if I can keep them going now. Tell your friends about me. I'm gonna learn how to throw some tracks up here from my own collection if Mr. Granado hasn't destroyed my equipment yet. Yeah... I call him that cause we all know who wears the pants! :)



  1. The Nation of Ulysses WILL prevail!!!

  2. Welcome back, Angie! Please go forth with your music and the store. Bet the reception to both will be better than expected. Oh, I guess my accent ain't so Southern compared to what you've heard down in 'Bama. Even the spiders have a drawl, huh?