Monday, October 10, 2011

101 in forklift driving

Yes... 4th day on the floor at work and I was already left alone. Thank goodness I have an awesome army brat named Zach who I could be his mother who works next to me who helps me out all the time. He is teaching me all my Alabamaisms and we talk about motorcycles. He told me he knows a place where I could get some hot rods but he would have to take me cause the guy who owns the lot is the leader of the area Klan and we aren't talkin' Wu Tang here. It's sad when I need an escort to buy a car....

Ever since I posted that Low song, I've had Africa stuck in my head all day now today. Great...

I like the fact that I killed everyone in Fantasy Football this week and there are people who still know what the NFL is and that life doesn't end after you leave Auburn.

I just got my Indianapolis Colts goloshes from my mom for my birthday. She rules!

New Bomb Turks are playing in Austin TX in November... it's a 14 hour drive from here..... can I make it? Am I that insane to make that trek? Yeah probably.

Back to the ol' writing board.


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  1. If the Colts finish with the worst record, should they take Andrew Luck or trade the top pick?